Hyperledger Blockchain Development Company

Hyperledger Blockchain development company offering enterprise-grade Blockchain deployment for the various sectors across different industry archaic.

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Hyperledger Indy Blockchain Development

Hyperedger Indy is a distributed ledger and framework providing components for developing independent decentralized identities. Hyperledger serves the people and organization across the globe to have their own, self-sovereign digital identity which is completely theirs and they can interact peer-to-peer with full trust and security. Hyperledger provides various libraries, tools and components which are reusable for creating independent digital identities. These identities are rooted in distributed ledger or blockchain facilitating interoperability and accelerating global adoption.

Hyperledger Indy
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Hyperledger Iroha
Hyperledger Iroha Blockchain Development Company

Hyperledger Iroha is basically a general purpose permissioned blockchain system of the Hyperledger project supporting DLT, smart contract engine, and command and is used to manage serialized data, digital identity and assets. It has a wide range of scope for applications like net banking settlements, national IDs, the digital currency of the central bank and many others. Hyperledger Iroha has a simple construction, domain-driven C++ design, emphasis on mobile application development and a chain based Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus algorithm, called Sumeragi.

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Hyperledger Explorer Blockchain Development Company

Hyperledger Explorer is a project of the blockchain module hosted by Linux Foundation. It serves as a utility module to deliver user-friendly web application, which allows users to view, invoke, query various blocks, artifacts and development which are an integral part of the blockchain network. Hyperledger Explorer was initially contributed by IBM, Intel and DTCC. It is the current trend and is revolutionizing the digital era with its vast potentials.

Hyperledger Explorer
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Hyperledger Fabric
Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Development Company

Hyperledger Fabric is one of the projects hosted by Linux Foundation, a blockchain framework which intends as a foundation helpful in developing applications with a modular architecture.

Hyperledger Fabric is currently in trend and is one of the most secure groundwork of the blockchain. Its is an important technology to be taken into consideration as it is transforming the industries operating models.

It is valuable for the business network as it is based on blockchain technology and it uses smart contracts for building trust and relation between parties. IT Companies have started to recognising Hyperledger Fabric as an emerging technology and are searching for the best Hyperledger fabric development company.

The real idea behind Hperledger Fabric is to solve the current business need and tech giants like IBM have recognised its potential and joined other companies to build an open source, blockchain framework and ready production. It brings in its own membership service provider for providing support to the node to node ordering service, endorsement policies.

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Hyperledger Blockchain Development Key Features


It provides a long term solution in the digitally competitive world as it uses the latest and pertinent technologies. The future of your business will be secured.


Hyperledger blockchain technology brings high lucidity to the business because of the use of blockchain technology. There is a record for everything and Hyperledger has smart contract feature which results in transparency to all the private contracts in business.

Open Source security

Hyperledge has been founded by the Linux Foundation which offers it as an open source and the tools of it are secure and reliable.

Secure and Confidential Transactions

The encryption of keys makes the entire business transaction confidential and secure offering more flexibility to the business to share their transaction details with the one you want.

Why Parangat for Hyperledger Blockchain Development?

Why Parangat for Hyperledger Blockchain Development?

Why parangat for Hyperledger Blockchain Development

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Parangat Technologies is one of the leading blockchain development company, we have experienced and talented developers for blockchain development, who loves to play with the latest technology trends and offer quality driven solutions. We have previous experience of blockchain in which we dealt with several successful blockchain projects and our experience has given us to solve the last minute challenge also successfully.

We are heading towards optimizing various business cases using blockchain technology and explore the opportunity and dive deep into Blockchain technology.

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