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Speedy transfers, streamlined workflows.

Latakoo is the fastest video workflow on the market today. Its patented technology combines with smart automation. Latakoo serves clients around the world who need to move big files FAST. They do all of that effortlessly, using the Latakoo App.

Latakoo App Mockup Latakoo App background
Latakoo App Mockup
Latakoo App Mockup
Latakoo App Mockup
Seamless exchange of High definition
videos with a click.
The Latakoo app lets you send/receive high-definition videos with just one click. Our mobility solution simplifies sending and receiving video files, from the field to an asset manager or from the asset manager out to a remote location.
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We Use

We have integrated collaboration tools in the app, including intelligent notifications, integrated transcription with time-stamps, metadata forms and download options to transcode files to a variety of formats.


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