Machine Learning

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Machine Learning solutions enable automation of repetitive high-volume tasks and analysis of business data by applying precise algorithms. Using this technology, we take the guesswork out of predictive analysis and help you take informed strategic business decisions. Rapid decision making, demand forecasting, and anomaly detection is made possible by applying comprehensive machine learning solutions. Your devices and applications become smarter and independent. With minimal supervision and intervention, complex business processes run seamlessly and tirelessly.

Parangat Technology is a leading Machine Learning Company. Our advanced machine learning solutions empower enterprises to process and analyze Big Data efficiently and accurately. Our services include algorithm design, data modeling, deep learning and statistical modeling. The platforms we cater to are Amazon,, IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure. Client-centric approach and thorough technical knowledge have made us the preferred choice of enterprises and startups. Client satisfaction is vital for us and we work conscientiously to attain it.

Machine Learning Solutions

  • Deep Learning

    Neural networking and diverse computing for large and small scale models

  • Predictive Analysis

    Tapping structured, semi-structured and unstructured Big Data to support business decisions and automate operations

  • Statistical Modeling

    Albeit different from Machine Learning, we use Statistical Modeling to make assumptions and hypotheses before algorithm formulation

  • Data Mining

    A subset of business analytics, data mining uses descriptive and predictive models in an iterative approach

  • Supervised/Unsupervised Learning

    Making devices smart and independent, deciphering patterns and applying algorithms for extracting valuable insights

Augmented Reality

Immersive web-based AR solutions that are easy to host and a delight to watch

Virtual Reality

Mass-reach ready VR solutions that need no large app downloads and can be easily embedded in your website

Image Processing and Video Analytics

We use machine learning for image processing, video analytics, and computer vision

Natural Language Processing

Text analysis and multiple language support to bridge the gap between users and machines

Platforms We Support

    Features of Amazon

  • It uses the Amazon Machine Learning Console and Amazon Command Line Interface.
  • Data needs to be stored in an AWS account such as S3, Redshift and RDS.
  • It works on a pay-as-you-go model
  • It has pre-built algorithms trained to perform regression analysis and classification (binary and multiclass).

    Features of Google Cloud

  • It uses the Google Cloud ML Engine Interface.
  • Tensor Flow is the machine learning library of Google, an open source platform that lets more serious developers create their own models.
  • For faster deployment of simpler models, Google offers a prediction API through the REST API interface.
  • A Google Cloud account is required to store the data.
  • It also uses a pay-as-you-go model

    Features of Microsoft Azure

  • It uses the Azure Machine Learning Studio as its interface, letting you build models in a drag-and-drop environment.
  • It provides automated algorithms to run decision trees, deep neural networks, classification and regression.
  • While large data sets (of over 2 GB) must be housed in the Azure Cloud, it does allow smaller data sets to be uploaded from other service providers.

    Features of IBM Watson

  • It uses the SPSS Graphical Analytics Software as a front-end interface.
  • The data must be housed and predictions run in IBM Bluemix.
  • Focused on its enterprise clients, the service enables creating ML based applications through API connectors.
  • There are paid as well as free versions available.
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